Sunday, February 19, 2012

The New Girl! It's Jess!

Ah, The New Girl: otherwise known as the best new comedy of the television season. Airing on Fox and starring the “adorkable” Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous, (500) Days of Summer, Yes, Man), The New Girl started off strong with its series premiere, and continued to remain strong in the ratings after being pre-empted by the World Series. The premise of the show is Jess (Deschanel) walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her, so she moves in with 3 male roommates: Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Nick (Jake M. Johnson), and Winston (Lamorne Morris). After moving in and assuring her Mom that the guys aren’t going to kill her just because she “met them on Craigslist,” Jess proceeds form a new family that enables her to move on from her failed

Jess’s romantic exploits, whether they be with fellow teacher, Paul (Justin Long), or True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten, never fail to entertain. Her inanity, such as the fact that she plays the bells, sings her own theme song, and refers to being horny as being “twirly,” keeps the audience rooting for her to find happiness. The audience is also wondering by this point if the series writers are planning on having her hook up with Nick (Johnson) or Schmidt (Greenfield). In fact, in the most recent Valentine’s episode, she almost did try to hook up with Schmidt, but was saved from the “mistake” by Nick.

The roommates also hold their own against Deschanel’s Jess. Schmidt is a want-to-be playboy who has been given a “douchebag jar” by his roommates. Greenfield plays him with such earnestness that it’s hard not to love him, even when he’s earning having to put money in the jar. Nick quit law school right before finishing because of his own broken heart (all the better reason why he and Jess should get together). Winston has returned from playing basketball overseas to find that he has a new, semi-insane roommate. I actually hope they begin giving Lamoire Morris more to work with.

The New Girl airs at 9pm on Tuesdays on Fox.
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